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Sunny / Sweaty June Sessions

As the sun finally makes its way out from behind the northern clouds, we can all look forward to longer nights and hot summer days. It is such a joy to be back in the dungeon sessioning once more. My faithful old regulars are back again, and we have enjoyed a glorious variety of session types. I've also welcomed some new subs to the dungeon - those brave enough to take the step to fulfilling their bdsm dreams!

Latex sessions have been incredibly popular, although inevitably the amount of latex I am prepared to wear in a session decreases gradually as temperatures rise. I cannot bear to be overheated whilst tormenting my subjects!

Strap-on sessions, as always, are a perennial favourite (it's too damn hot to come up with a perineum pun), and numerous arses have been pounded into submission over the last few weeks.

I have however, missed the attendance of those wishing to be sissified, and would definitely like some more sissy regulars to play with! The Fetish Emporium has an amazingly large selection of sissy clothing, including lingerie, shoes, wigs and makeup, and I adore transforming boys into gorgeous girls!

My availability has changed slightly over the last 15 months. As many of you know, during the day I previously worked from a city centre office, and was usually only available for sessions after 5 pm or at the weekend. One of the benefits of now working from home with my vanilla job, is that it has enabled me to spend much more time during the day at The Fetish Emporium. My life as a dominatrix is infinitely more exciting than the boardroom, and I am delighted to be able to spend more time on the perversions that bring me so much joy.

To arrange your personal session, fill out the form on the website, or call me on 07379 378685. You can also send me a polite email to:, introducing yourself and your proclivities, and providing some date and time options. A deposit is required, especially if I haven’t seen you before. This is deducted from the total session fee.

I am always interested in catering for unusual fetishes, so tell me your deepest desires!

Finally, and crucially, June is my birthday month, so come bearing gifts!

Love and spanks,



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