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Ballbusting v Ballboxing

It is true, 'Ballbusting' is one my favourite and most sadistic pastimes. Usually, latex clad - a dominatrix, a goddess and a super-villain rolled into one neatly packaged, excitable Mistress. 

I've added footage of one of my favourite 3 round encounters below. Mistress Natasha Poole vs Andrese Dipre

Quite frankly, not many of you have the 'cajunas' to endure my expectations. Disappointing. Those of you that think otherwise, step forward - I will destroy you. I have a range and selection of suitable leather boots for every occasion. 

In terms of Ballboxing, 15 rounds, Queensbury rules and you're in big trouble. To use your testicles as a punch bag is very amusing. I always ask for 3 x 3 minute rounds. Very few have lasted - a first round stoppage is usually the outcome. I'm now at a very healthy 32-0. 

I'm happy to have your ordeal filmed, edited and delivered. Happy busting. 

Come to my Manchester gym and come face to mask, go toe to boot with the latex dominatrix. 

Manchester Mistress Natasha Poole 

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