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Any more questions? (Even your ridiculous ones)

Questions I’m often asked: 1. Why don’t you share your face online? Domination is not my main source of income. During the day in the week, I go to my office and have a ‘normal’ occupation. I am a manager with a team of staff, and it is vaguely connected to the law (no, I’m not a lawyer). This all means that when I work in the dungeon, it is because I want to. And if I’ve agreed to session with you, it means that you’ve passed several selection stages (for example, you’re not an illiterate misogynist, you’re happy to pay a deposit, and sound like you have a sense of humour, to name but a few). So what do I look like? I have shoulder length red hair. I’m slim but definitely not skinny. I have freckles. I have strong legs and small feet. I have been told I have a mischievous glint in my brown eyes. I like to wear latex, and leotards (they make very active sessions easier). I love heels and have a huge collection. 

2. Do you actually enjoy domming or are you just doing it for the money? I cannot think of anything that I would rather do with my spare time. Seriously. I enjoy it hugely. I often spend a large portion of sessions laughing and/or talking. I meet some seriously interesting and entertaining people. I occasionally meet some troubled souls, but I like to think, despite being a dominatrix, that through my sessions I build people up rather than knock them down. I get to ask all sorts of personal questions (I’m super nosy and a great listener). It is a real insight into human nature, psyches and fetishes. I am always learning too, for which one should always strive.

3. Do you offer discounts for students/cheap-ass motherfuckers? No. Never. Nope. Not going to happen. Don’t embarrass yourself by asking. Students – this is not a hobby that your student loan will cover. Maybe come back when you’ve graduated.

4. What is your favourite type of session? I love to ball-bust. I enjoy latex. I like to use rope. Corporal punishment is fun. Strap-ons are amusing. I think the key to an enjoyable session is when the sub hands over complete control to me. I will always discuss the content of the session beforehand, so you will not be beaten heavily if you are not a masochist.

5. Have you always been a pervert? I have always had a liberated attitude to sexuality if that’s what you mean! Plus domination is not necessarily about sex. 6. Can you send me nudes? Only my boyfriend gets nudes!

7. Do you offer skype sessions? 

Meh. If you offer to pay me enough. I find them quite tedious to be perfectly honest and really prefer the real world. Still I appreciate that some of you may be geographically challenged, so make me an offer. Moreover, make it interesting, and who knows? 8. Can I bring my girlfriend/wife/whoever to a session? Absolutely! Some of the best sessions have been with a partner or girlfriend present. 

9. Can I bombard you with endless emails/text/phone calls? What do you think? I have been known to administer lashes with a cane for each email or text received. So bear this in mind. Be succinct, interesting, witty, and courteous and for fuck's sake, use spell check. Oh, and do not use text talk.

10. Can I be your number one slave? My current number one slave has recently received that title and the accompanying contract. I have known and sessioned with him for over 3 years. He is a gentleman and perfectly behaved. He is incredibly reliable and practical and always ready to serve or assist me. Crucially he is very intuitive, and often surprises me with errands and gifts without me having to ask. It takes a rare sub to earn this honour.

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