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Fetish For Latex? An Expert Guide For Latex Lovers

For those of you that love a latex clad Mistress - especially this one. Here is my shopping guide - you may be needing it. Latex, by nature is more or less made to order. There are a number of UK based studios that have been at the head of the scene for a long time, they all provide great service, great quality and exquisite design. Latex is not cheap - in fact, reassuringly expensive. Its alluring, seductive and powerful properties make it perfect for the dungeon, but can also be worn in the boardroom - I've done it. (A simple pencil skirt - not the catsuit of course). 

Here are a few of of my favourite designers and brands, some more established than others. Happy viewing. HOUSE OF HARLOT An exceptionally strong design aesthetic, one of the very first established latex brands in London. Definitive, bespoke and beautifully crafted. A powerhouse of latex fashion and still the undisputed champion of fetish and latex clothing.

We bring a strong and creative design ethos to this technique, and couple it with excellent pattern cutting, and immaculate manufacturing standards, creating all our output in our own studios in London’s fashionable East End. ATSUKO KUDO The most fashion driven brand on the market, where fetish meets high end design. North London based brand with a list of very high profile wearers - exquisite manufacture with a sensual design sensibility. Always so beautiful.

Our clothing is designed for women who wish to look and feel beautiful, feminine and strong. Atsuko Kudo provides individual garments and complete ensembles for the bedroom, the salon, the night club, the cat walk, the red carpet and any other preferred location. 

LIBIDEX A staple in my wardrobe, very well designed and construction with excellent finish. Great variety of items and excellent customer service.

We offer over 1,000 different styles ranging from latex bras and lingerie, hoods, corsets, dresses, stockings, tops, pants and shorts, through to rubber skirts, aprons and kilts, and of course the famous Libidex latex catsuits – our speciality! WESTWARD BOUND Another wardrobe staple - excellent fit, cut and quality. Strong design in a variety of styles, perfect for the dungeon.  

English designer and manufacturer of latex clothing. Handmade latex dresses, rubber corsets, latex catsuits, skirts, stockings and lingerie. SYREN Another fashion focussed brand combining contemporary ideas with craftsmanship, manufacturing skill and know how. A very unique approach to latex style and fetishwear. Look at for the couture range.

Expanding on the Syren Fashion aesthetic, and catering to their growing cinema clientele, Syren Couture focuses on providing studio services. Known for the unparalleled caliber of its designs and craftsmanship, all Syren Couture garments are handcrafted by skilled artisans using only the highest quality materials. WILLIAM WILDE Quirky, modern, humouress and beautifully executed latex clothing. Again, a very high quality product with sophistication and style. Perfect for the boardroom.

William is a London based designer and costumier who specialises in exquisite hand-made latex rubber clothing and accessories. Lavish and unprecedented, his collections are cut and hand-glued from latex rubber and have been extremely well received on account of their quality and style. EUSTRATIA

Less known on the latex and fetish scene, a unique and stylish sensibility by designer, Stacey Black. Each item is handmade in her London based, studio/ atelier. I've not seen the quality of this but I'm fascinated by the combination of ideas. 

"I'm interested in creating beautiful items that transcend the fashion/fetish/costume/art labels and satisfy me creatively, while also appealing to others and becoming items to cherish and wear with pride for years to come". DAYNE HENDERSON Perfect for my latex supervillain alter ego, Queen Electrabitch, this relatively new entry to the scene creates all the tension and drama associated with London's underground, creative and subversive fetish scene. I just love it.

Established 2012 Dayne Henderson is a latex designer like no other, recognized for his unique take on the subversive world of latex fashion. With his work having a running theme of identity or rather a 'lack of it' Dayne is captivated by the concept that his clothes take over the wearer.

Manchester Mistress Natasha Poole 

Queen Electrabitch (Manchester Dominatrix) 

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