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April 2021 Update


2020 was pretty awful wasn't it? The good news is that I am now sessioning again, guaranteeing that 2021 will be infinitely better than last year.

I am now available on weekdays and weekends for daytime sessions, and some evenings (by prior arrangement),  Incidentally, I do love an evening session; there's something slightly more debauched about being dominated after dark! 

Availability varies, but as much notice as possible is always preferred.

All sessions require a deposit paying electronically before the session. 


Same day sessions are sometimes available, but cannot be guaranteed.

As usual, I am not interested in time wasting fantasists clogging up my in-box.  I will not enter into prolonged email correspondence.  If you want to contact me, you may email me You may text me on 07379 378685, 

I am particularly interested in sessioning with genuine subs, or those with interesting session requests! Put some imagination into your enquiry and make me smile.

It goes without saying that if you have tested positive for Covid, or are displaying any symptoms, you must not arrange an appointment with me, or if one has already been booked, contact me as soon as possible to keep me informed. 

Please note that all equipment and the rooms themselves are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised in between sessions. 


20th April 2021

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