COVID Update:


2020 has been an absolute car crash, but kink doesn’t grind to a halt when faced with a pandemic! 


I am currently available for daytime sessions during the week, as well as weekends. I will, as usual, be accepting evening sessions - last session 9pm (late sessions with regulars only). 


Availability varies, but as much notice as possible is always preferred.


All sessions require a deposit paying electronically before the session.  No same day sessions are available at the moment.


There seems to be a proliferation of time wasting fantasists clogging up my in box at the moment. For this reason, I’m not taking calls. If you want to contact me, you may email me You may text me on 07379 378685, but I will not respond to rude, blunt, poorly-constructed text speak. I will not engage in protracted and long-winded correspondence without a deposit. My time is important and I do not exist to fuel your fevered masturbatory fantasies!


I am particularly interested in sessioning with genuine subs, or those with interesting session requests! Put some imagination into your enquiry and make me smile! 


The current situation is challenging in many ways. I know that slipping out of the house for an hour or two is testing even for the most inventive of you. If you’d like me to create a custom excuse for you, let me know!


It goes without saying that if you have tested positive for Covid, or are displaying any symptoms, you must not arrange an appointment with me, or if one has already been booked, contact me as soon as possible to keep me informed. 


Upon arrival at the chambers, you will have your temperature checked. You will then take a shower.  Please note that all equipment and the rooms themselves are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised in between sessions. 


I’m in the process of shooting some new photos for the this space!




Manchester, UK

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