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(Softer Sessions for Sensitive Souls/Do you Come Here Often?) 

Are you aware that something is missing in your life? You can’t quite put your finger on precisely what it is. A sense of disconnect; a disquieting feeling of something gone awry. That, my fledging pervert, is your dull existence. There is a gaping void. It could be your arse hole, but I think it’s more likely that your fetishes are not being accommodated. You possibly don’t know what your fetishes are yet. Put yourself in my capable hands.

A beginner’s session will begin with a conversation. Like all successful transactions, it’s import to be very clear from the start what both parties expect. This helps avoid any unnecessary confusion or awkwardness. I’ve listed some of the popular session themes that are requested by beginners to the scene. Sessions sometimes involve a combination of two or more, dependent on time restrictions, and thresholds – pain and my boredom threshold! • PAIN Do you like pain? (this encompasses such a huge amount of BDSM practices, I’m not going to go into any detail here, but two of the main ones are Corporal Punishment, with a cane, paddle etc, and CBT (cock and ball torture). I personally adore ball busting, but its slightly more niche and not many subs can take a good kicking sadly.

If yes, how much, and do you know what your pain threshold is like? • TIE ME UP/TIE ME DOWN Do you like the idea of being restrained? To what extent? (restraint takes many forms in BDSM – from silk ties, to rope, right up to leather body bags or straight jackets). Restraint also covers techniques such as mummification (sometimes with clingfilm), or shibari (the art of Japanese rope bondage).

• BLINDED Are you interested in sensory deprivation? (hoods, headphones etc)

• DERRIERE DESTRUCTION Are you a would-be anal slut? Are you craving a pounding from my big, black strap on (I have various sizes, from starter to Jaw Dropping Anal Annihilator)?

• LADY-LIKE Do you want to be dressed in lingerie and ladies clothes? Would you like to have make-up applied, pick out a wig, and some heels, and be instructed in the art of being a woman? If this applies to you, come for a Sissification Session.

• WALKED ALL OVER Do you have a penchant for feet/shoes/boots/stockings/hosiery? Foot fetish! I may allow you to worship my feet – naked or clad in boots or stilettos. Some lucky slaves get to give me a pedicure.

Once boundaries have been established, I will give you instructions. You will clearly be told what to do (I can’t stand subs floundering around, looking all bewildered in the dungeon, and generally getting in the way). Book a session with me and let’s begin your adventure.

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